Hoping to lease a camper van so you can scratch off numerous parks in one major travel without managing inns or setting up a tent consistently? Or then again perhaps you’re contemplating #vanlife, however you’re not 100 percent sure you need to submit completely? A camper van rental for your next US-based excursion offers you the chance to encounter van life, get off the generally accepted way to go, and have a more unconstrained get-away. Make certain to look at our Van Life 101 manual for become familiar with van life whether for a momentary stretch by means of a camper van rental or then again in the event that you’re hoping to do van life longer term.

With the expanding notoriety of van life, camper van rental organizations are springing up the nation over offering accommodation and agreeable conveniences. Additionally, contingent upon where you need to travel, every day rental expenses might be much less expensive than a lodging, and you can likewise save money on food since generally accompany a kitchen sink, cooking hardware, ice chest, and oven. Leasing a camper van furnishes a raised excursion experience for certain conveniences from home and the opportunity of the open street.

Here is a broad rundown of camper van rental organizations for your US excursion, including choices from east to west!

Disclaimer: We haven’t utilized any of these organizations by and by however we get this question frequently so we needed to offer a gather together of camper van rental organizations across the United States.

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Moterra Campervans

Rental Locations: Jackson (Wyoming), Whitefish (Montana), San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Vegas

Moterra Campervans gives extravagance comprehensive Sprinter rentals across the Western United States, with both pop-tops and high rooftop Sprinters accessible in their armada. Conceived out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Moterra is a privately claimed and worked fire up that has become unparalleled as far as very good quality Sprinter rentals in the US. They incorporate all that you will require for your campervan get-away as a norm, and furthermore offer completely modified schedules for the individuals who need to remove the pressure from arranging their own campervan get-away. Moterra’s pop-top vans oblige 4 individuals with 2 twofold beds and have a full kitchen with a discretionary latrine. Their high rooftop vans oblige 2 and have a full kitchen and full restroom complete with a boiling water shower and a latrine. Each of Moterra’s Sprinters are 3 years of age or less and worked out by Sportsmobile – rates start at $339 per night.

Get away from Campervans

Rental Locations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, New York

Get away from Campervans is one of the biggest campervan rental organizations in the US with 13 areas and an armada of more than 600 campervans changed over in house. Every van is exceptional with hand painted plans which makes for some fun photographs on your outing. Get away from Campervans offers 3 distinct models of changed over Ford campervans, as well as a Jeep camper with a roof tent, that can situate and rest somewhere in the range of 2 to 5 individuals. Rates start at $33/day in the low season yet change contingent upon the vehicle model, season, get/drop off area, and the length of your outing (the more you lease, the lower rates will drop). All camper van rentals incorporate a bed, feasting region, sink, fridge, oven, and a double battery framework with sunlight based. Additional items like sheet material, setting up camp stuff, and kitchen units are accessible for an extra expense. Get away from Campervans are likewise accessible in Canada through Vancouver and Calgary.

Campanda/Outdoorsy/RV Share Campervan Rentals

Rental Locations: All over the US by Owner

Outdoorsy, RV Share, and Campanda are three sites that rundown camper van rentals by proprietor. These camper van rental organizations are basically the Airbnb of RV and campervan rentals. You’ll begin by entering your area, and afterward you can look by an assortment of variables like driveable RVs, class Bs, trailers, and cost. They have everything from one of a kind VW vans to Class A RVs accessible to lease on your next excursion. Assuming you have a RV that you seldom utilize these destinations are incredible for making some additional side money.

Harmony Vans Rentals

Rental Locations: Seattle, WA

Situated in Seattle, WA, Peace Vans Rentals offer Pacific Northwest campervan rentals, as well as restricted one-way campervan rentals between Seattle, WA and Santa Cruz, CA. They lease delightful, exemplary VW Vanagons, every exceptional in their own particular manner, as well as Mercedes Metris spring up campers for those searching for something a touch more current. They toss in loads of smart additional items like cookware, flavors, wine glasses, a french press, new ground espresso, from there, the sky is the limit – they’ve truly considered everything! Harmony Vans have a 4-night least in the shoulder season with rates beginning at $740 for four evenings, and a 6-night least in the high season with rates starting at $1,350 for 6 evenings.

Mercedes Sprinter RV Rental

Rental Locations: 28 areas all through California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and Washington

Withdrawing from 28 areas in the Western US, this organization exclusively offers Mercedes Sprinter extravagance camper vans for lease. All their rental vans have full washrooms with a shower, sink, and latrine. They additionally accompany sun oriented power and are decked out with broilers and TVs for late-night motion pictures. These Mercedes Sprinter RV campervans can situate up to 7 individuals and rest up to 4 individuals. Be ready however these conveniences can run you about $400-$500 every evening.

Classic Surfari Wagons VW Rentals

Rental Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Have you ever longed for getting away in a nostalgic Volkswagon camper transport? We have! Here is your chance to flashback to the 1970’s/80’s time with these extraordinary campervan rentals in the Los Angeles region. Classic Surfari Wagons have an armada of transports, Vanagons, and Eurovans for lease from the 1970s-2000s. Every day VW camper rentals during the low season range from $129-$169/day with high season rates knocking up to $149-189/day. What an extraordinary method for investigating in style!

Local Campervans Rentals

Rental Locations: Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas

We love that Native Campervans groups their rentals as “Big deal”, “Smalls”, and “OG”. Biggie rides 3 and dozes 2 with every one of the solaces of a RV. Smalls is more modest and sportier and sits and dozes two. Also, to wrap things up, OG is a standard minivan that can ride 5 and rest 2 inside (yet you can continuously set up a shelter for additional bodies). 100 free day by day miles are incorporated with rentals as are fundamental protection, bedding, camp seats, a table, and cooking basics. They as of late begun balancing the carbon impression of their vans which is additional cool. Thus, assuming that you’re looking for a campervan rental close to Denver, Salt Lake City, or Las Vegas this is an extraordinary decision. Day by day rates differ via season and excursion length however run between $79-129 in the slow time of year, $109-229 during top season. They require a 3-night least.

Hawaii Surf Campers Rentals

Rental Location: North Shore of Oahu, HI and San Diego, CA

Hawaii Surf Campers offer a scope of campervans for lease with an assortment of Volkswagens to Ford Econolines and Transits that beginning at $149 every evening. They offer air terminal pick-ups and drop-offs for a little expense and they furnish their visitors with a guide of setting up camp suggestions around the island. One cool advantage, they cooperate with a nearby surf school where you can get limited illustrations, and you can add a surfboard to any rental for an extra expense. They as of late added a San Diego area too. On the off chance that you additionally plan to visit Kauai on your excursion, read more about regardless of whether it merits leasing a van there here.

ROAMERICA Campervan Rental

Rental Location: Portland, Oregon

ROAMERICA permits you to travel anyplace in the US and Canada in your campervan rental from Portland. They offer free air terminal get up at no extra expense, so you can begin investigating the Pacific Northwest as fast as could be expected. Their armada comprises of Ford Econolines and Ford Transits, with 2wd and all wheel drive choices accessible. Each campervan rental incorporates Oregon, Washington and California Gazetteer Maps and a deck of cards and their vans are completely loaded with all that you really want. Bicycles and paddleboards are accessible for lease too. Their costs start at $200/night.

Campervan North America Rental

Rental Locations: Denver, Bozeman, Las Vegas, Seattle

Campervan North America offers 5 unique models to browse, including a changed over Dodge Promaster, a Dodge Sprinter, a Nissan NV, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A significant number of their vans were bought new and afterward changed over so they’re peppier and have lower miles than a few different choices you could find. Their vans rest up to 5 individuals relying upon the model. The insides are perfect and straightforward; a few models have kitchens and showers and some don’t. Base rates start at $48/night in the low season and do exclude miles. During the high season, they have a 5-night least and rates start at $80/night in spite of the fact that they offer limits for longer rental periods. Campervan North America is an individual from 1% for the planet.

Outervan Rentals

Rental Location: Berkeley, CA

Outervan is a store campervan rental organization situated in the Bay Area. Their Dodge Ram Promaster rental vans are brimming with current conveniences like sunlight based power, touchscreen route, a compact blue tooth speaker, and, surprisingly, an iPad pre-stacked with Spotify and Netflix. They additionally incorporate very good quality kitchen, bed, shower, and setting up camp stuff in their rentals as well as an assortment of books and games for diversion out and about. Their rates start at $199/night in the low season and go up from that point.

VanCraft is exclusively a Sprinter van rental organization out of San Diego. Their armada incorporates both the short and long wheelbases and rest up to 4-6 individually. In any case, assuming that you have more in your team, they’ll add on a roof tent. A significant advantage of this campervan rental organization is that each rental accompanies limitless miles! Their vans are furnished with all that you really want for an epic experience, including a stove. Contingent upon the length of your excursion and the van, rates start at $200-$216 and decline steadily the more extended your outing is. Gracious, and they likewise permit canines for an extra cleaning expense.

Boho Camper Vans Rentals

Rental Locations: Phoenix, AZ

Boho Camper Vans has a 7-van armada of late-90’s/mid 2000’s Ford vans, each planned with their remarkable boho flare. These camper vans are outfitted with running water, an outside shower, oven, protection draperies, bedding, cookware, setting up camp seats, and a versatile cooler. Only minutes from the Phoenix air terminal, you can experience your boho dreams for around $159/day.

Lost Camper Van Rentals

Rental Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City

Lost Camper is about solace and moderateness, and they’re known for having the comfiest beds. All their campervan rentals remember limitless miles for their day by day rates, as well as bedding, kitchen units, and fundamental setting up camp hardware like a table and seats. A large portion of their vans have sinks and overhangs (make certain to actually look at the particular model) and all have an inside twofold bed, feasting table, security draperies, and a cooler at least (some have fridges). They presently offer five unique kinds of vans, beginning at $35/day with rates shifting by model, length of rental, and season. Lost Camper purposes no splendid shadings or wild paint occupations, so on the off chance that you’re searching for something that won’t stand apart this is a decent wagered.

Traveler Vans Ford Transit Rentals

Rental Locations: San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA

Traveler Vans values being a bootstrapped, privately possessed and worked business, in contrast to a portion of the well known camper van rental organizations. The proprietors are devoted outside individuals, so they’re blissful all the time to assist you with arranging your experience. All their camper van rentals are Ford Transits furnished with bedding, shades, cookware, oven, cooler, sink with running water, setting up camp seats and table. The dinette changes into a sovereign size bed that dozes 2-3 individuals, and assuming you want space for additional, they’ll add on a housetop tent. Contingent upon your party size, you can redo your seating to oblige 2 or 4 individuals. Valuing changes via season and term of the excursion, however in the slow time of year, you can score a camper van rental for around $99/night with at least three evenings. During high season, the costs will be about two times so a lot. On the off chance that you’re searching for a San Francisco camper van rental organization right close to the air terminal, this is an incredible decision.

Ondevan Campervan Rentals

Rental Locations: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando, FL

Ondevan Campervan is another privately possessed organization with areas in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando, Florida. It’s named after the Spanish expression, “¿A dónde van?”, and that signifies “Where are you going?” in light of the fact that the proprietors love to travel as we do, and needed the namesake to motivate others. Ondevan campervan rentals are completely loaded with an oven, cooler, cookware, bedding, shades, setting up camp seats, and table. The rental armada has Dodge Promasters and Ford E-350s. Day by day rental rates are between $59-139 relying upon the vehicle. Additionally, they have a web-based excursion map made by individual explorers with data on where to track down showers and camping areas.

Maine Campers VW Rentals

Rental Location: Eliot, Maine

Here is one more opportunity to lease a one of a kind VW van and hit the road. Maine Campers rents Volkswagen campervans out of southern Maine for all your New England excursion dreams. The vans in their armada are 1985-1991 Volkswagen Vanagons and are furnished with cookware, bedding for 4 individuals, oven, running water, oven, and camp seats. Every day rates are presently $175/day with a 7-night least among June and September. Remembered for your rental is 100 miles/day.

Basecamper Van Rentals

Rental Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Basecamper Vans is a campervan rental organization situated in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have a few vans including a Dodge Promaster City, GMC Savana, and Chevy Express that rest 2-4 with choices to add on a housetop tent. Every day rental rates run between $99-129 relying upon your outing length. Every one of their vans are set up with cookware, cooler, oven, bedding, and camp seats.

Explorer Campervans Rentals

Rental Locations: Minneapolis, Austin, Phoenix, Nashville, Portland, Los Angeles

Explorer Campervans has areas from east to west, which is great assuming that you intend to do a crosscountry one-way excursion. Their Dodge Promaster City rentals are minimized and outfitted with cloths, cooking tools, and cooking fuel. The every day rental rate is between $111-134 relying upon the quantity of days and incorporates 250 miles each day. There’s a 2-day least during the offseason and 3-day least in top season.

Experience Travel Sports Rentals

Rental Locations: Laguna Niguel CA, Las Vegas NV, Denver CO

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Adventure Travel Sports Rentals have a definitive experience rigs. Their motto is, “RVs are for touring, rigs are for experience”, so to look at their rental armada. They lease truck campers, SUVs, Winnebagos, and Sportsmobiles – all set up for 4×4 rough terrain experiences. Each apparatus accompanies an assortment of things, similar to cookware, camping beds, and an oven, with extra things accessible for lease. What’s more, they’re 4-season prepared with AC and hotness. Contingent upon the vehicle and the length of your outing, every day rates are between $150-350 and incorporate 150 miles/day. Certain rentals are just accessible in a particular area, so make certain to actually take a look at their stock to track down the apparatus and area that works for your excursion.

Rough Mountain Campervans Rentals

Rental Locations: Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV

Another family-possessed and worked business, Rocky Mountain Campervans lease extravagance change vans and rare Volkswagen vans. The extravagance campervan rentals are Dodge Promaster pop-top campers that rest 5 and have a latrine and a full kitchen. On the off chance that you’re searching for something with a rare vibe, they offer Volkswagen Vanagons and Eurovans for lease. These vans rest 4 and have an oven, little cooler, and sink. All of their camper van rentals are supplied with bedding, cookware, and various setting up camp accomplices to make your outing more agreeable. A portion of the vehicles are 4-season prepared. Day by day rental rates shift via season and vehicle, however range between $145-260 during winter and $155-290 during summer. Limits are presented for longer excursions.

Tierra Traveler

Rental Locations: Bozeman and Livingston, MT

Tierra Traveler offers Mercedes-Benz Sprinter campervan rentals equipped with extravagance conveniences for greatest solace. With two areas in Montana, they’re impeccably situated for investigating Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier National Parks. Their vans have a sovereign size bed, Dometic cooler, are supplied with all the setting up camp fundamentals, and are prepared for each of the four seasons with a propane warmer and computerized indoor regulator. Rates start at $325/night.

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