3 trends you should focus in the Technology industry

Artificial Intelligence

Companies often have an enormous amount of data, such as their order history and production details, which are not always put to the best use. And, as the Internet of Things and 5G communications grow in popularity, that information is piling up more and more. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to find value in this data, among other things, by optimizing the schedules of city buses, by analyzing the vibrations of an industrial machine to know if it will soon have to be repaired or by optimizing the supply of a business according to its future needs.

Creating artificial intelligence models is complex and expensive. In 2022, however, it is possible to take advantage of the advances already made by others to take advantage of your data and automate certain processes with ease, in practically all sectors of activity.

According to the research by the industry experts, artificial intelligence is also a tool at the heart of “decisional intelligence”, an important technology trend in 2022, where data analysis, artificial intelligence and simulations facilitate or automate the business decision making. Human decision makers should not be replaced everywhere, but they should be complemented by the power of data, analytics and artificial intelligence. It is not essential to use artificial intelligence to succeed in 2022. But companies that will adopt this technology will certainly have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

Streaming your life (or whatever you do)

Streaming online – It’s the biggest trend right now. After the pandemic started, people tended to watch others’ lives. You can start streaming online and get more people to watch it online. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform. Buy live viewers on twitch, get more attention from the viewers when you connect with them via chat and enjoy the process.

5G technology

The gradual deployment of 5G is going well in Quebec. Videotron’s network already covers the busiest areas of the province, particularly in Montreal and Quebec City, and will continue to expand in the coming years.

5G has several advantages over the LTE connectivity offered so far. Transfer speed is increased, connectivity is better, and latency is virtually non-existent. These advantages translate in different ways for companies. In particular, the speed allows the transfer of video content of excellent quality, the improved connectivity can link thousands of objects connected to the 5G network in one place (to ensure that all its visitors have an Internet connection, for example) and latency opens the door to new uses, such as performing remote surgeries.

It is not necessary to have projects of such magnitude to benefit from 5G, as indicated by this fibrenoire webinar on the state of play of 5G in business. These new networks make it possible to have faster access to more data. Combined with the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, 5G improves business responsiveness, which can notably translate into productivity and security gains.

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