Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #323 Answer And Hint: Sunday, May eighth

Welcome lower back to every other installment of “this is these days’s Wordle solution” in which I do the Wordle puzzle and let you know the answer, but not earlier than giving you a hint. This one…This one was difficult. I got it in 3, but it nonetheless took longer than most different puzzles mixed due to the very last word, and I am thinking if it might experience you up the equal Sunday.

We had been on an less difficult stretch there for some time, however those two weekend Wordle words are again to being hard again. We’ll see if each person snaps their streak these days, but the manner that is dependent, you might just be pressured to guess till you get it with such confined options. Or you could come right here and I’ll come up with the solution without cost.

An Introduction to Wordle

For the ones new to the sport, study this Wordle primer earlier than you start playing and learn about how this fad were given started.
Then, if you want some advanced techniques to get those low guess answers, you may study the Wordle Tips and Tricks manual right here.

Today’s Wordle #319 Answer And Hint

Before I maintain, I will faux that is a Doctor Strange inside the Multiverse of Madness article and give you a large spoiler warning here in case you are here through coincidence. As for a hint before we dive into the real answer? That’s a piece more difficult. This is a unusual phrase, one I had to appearance up the precise definition of. It seems like some thing a rich man inside the ‘40s might say. That’s the high-quality I got.


Yes, canny. I imply like, I’ve heard it, I don’t recognize if I’ve ever used it earlier than. So what’s the definition of canny? That might be “having or displaying shrewdness and excellent judgment, especially in cash or business subjects.” So as in, “he’s a canny businessman” or something like that. Again, I don’t hear the majority pronouncing this…Ever.

So, how did I get there. I started out with my normal CRANE, and thought I changed into doing properly because that got me the C and the N in the proper places, and phrase that there has been an A somewhere in there. I then guessed “CAINS” which…I don’t virtually understand what CAINS means, however the solution generator popular it at a bet, so that advised me in which the A was imagined to cross. Then matters were given weird, and I spent like 15 minute staring to looking to discern out the CA_N_ very last answer with out a other clues and no longer many missing letters. I attempted CARNE however that’s another language so it didn’t even accept the wager. Eventually it become my spouse who came in and guessed CANNY, however she didn’t recognize what it intended either.

So yeah, there it’s miles. Did you give up and become here for the answer? Sunday, thanks for preventing through.

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