Jawed Karim Success Story – How did he Found YouTube?

Virtual entertainment has radically changed the existences of everybody across the globe over the most recent twenty years. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have associated individuals and brought them closer. The yawning bay as far as geology is presently almost non-existent.

In the midst of countless web-based entertainment and video real time stages, YouTube has cut its very own class as one of the most established and the main video-sharing stages. As a matter of fact, Youtube is likewise famously hailed as the most visited site on the planet after its parent association, Google.

Youtube was established by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chan on February 14, 2005. They are likewise prominently known as the designers of Youtube. Jawed Karim is an American programmer and business person. He is of Bangladeshi and German plunge. Jawed Karim was there with Youtube right from the very first Youtube video transferred, the income of which was last assessed to be more than $28.80 billion out of 2021. His commitment to the development of Youtube is basically essential.

Anybody with web network would have seen recordings on YouTube no less than once in their life. YouTube is the stage that brought forth numerous sensations; without the video-sharing site, there would have been no T-Series, Pewdiepie, CarryMinati, and large number of other video designers. The current Youtube CEO is Susan Wojcicki, who turned into the CEO of the American internet based video sharing and online entertainment stage in February 2014.

Do you have any idea that the very first video posted on Youtube would me say me was “at the zoo”, which was transferred by, as a matter of fact, Jawed Karim on April 23, 2005? The very first video transferred to Youtube has been watched more than 224 million times, as of March 2022.

We should check out at the example of overcoming adversity of the fellow benefactor of Youtube, Jawed Karim. We will examine his total assets, schooling, individual life, ventures, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Jawed Karim – Biography

NameJawed Karim
Born28 October 1979 – Merseburg, East Germany
Net worth$300 million
ParentsNaimul Karim, Christine Karim
SiblingsIlias Karim
EducationUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (BS), Stanford University (MS)
Known forCo-founder of YouTube, Uploader of the first video ever on YouTube
Youtube channelJawed

Jawed Karim – Early Life and Education

Jawed was brought into the world on October 28, 1979, in Merseburg, East Germany (Present-day Germany) to Christine Karim and Naimul Karim. His dad is a specialist from Bangladesh, who works at 3M, an American global combination (initially known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company), which was established in June 1902 and settled in Maplewood, Minnesota, United States. Karim’s mom is a German researcher, related with the University of Minnesota as a Research Professor of Biochemistry. He has one kin, Ilias Karim, who is more youthful than Jawed.

However he was brought into the world in Merseburg, Jawed Karim experienced childhood in Neuss, West Germany. He needed to cross the line of inward Germany alongside his family in the mid 1980s because of expanding xenophobia there. In any case, he needed to confront a few different episodes of xenophobia in Neuss also, which is the reason he again needed to move with his family to Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1992. It was from Saint Paul Central High School that Karim graduated in 1997.

Jawed selected at the University of Illinois in the Department of Computer Science. Jawed left the college prior to finishing his graduation and joined PayPal; he was probably PayPal’s earliest representative. He later finished his graduation and acquired his certification in Computer Science in 2004. Jawed at last joined Stanford University and procured his Master’s certification in Computer Science yet that was after Youtube was established.

Jawed Karim – Career

Karim began his profession in his college days with an Internship at Silicon Graphics, Inc. He had worked there on “3D voxel information the executives for extremely huge informational indexes for volume delivering, which incorporates the information for the Visible Human Project”. Notwithstanding, he before long exited school and joined PayPal, and it was there that he met Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the future prime supporters of Youtube in 2002.

Jawed Karim – How he established Youtube?

At PayPal, he met Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, the other two makers of Youtube. The shortfall of video clasps of Super Bowl XXXVIII and the Indian Ocean quake and tidal wave provided Jawed with the possibility of a video-sharing stage. The dubious half-time portion of the Super Bowl with Janet Jackson was a fury around then that everybody needed to have a brief look at. Nonetheless, Hurley and Chen have referenced the site Hot or Not, a rating site that permits the clients to rate the appeal of the photographs submitted willfully by the clients, as the inspiration driving making YouTube. The organizers likewise expressed that had an internet based video variant of a dating website to them when they chose to send off Youtube.

Presently, assuming that you are puzzling over whether Youtube was the primary video-sharing site on the web, then, at that point, it was not the first of these locales. This is on the grounds that Vimeo was sent off in November 2004, preceding Youtube, however as it was a side task of the engineers of the Los Angeles-based web parody organization, CollegeHumor then, Vimeo neglected to develop that quick.

Youtube as a Dating Site and Why it Didn’t Work Out!

Youtube, as referenced previously, was initially remembered to be set up as an internet based video dating webpage, with “Hot or Not” as a significant impact for the authors, however that didn’t turn out great. The organizers even attempted to post on Craigslist and solicitation appealing ladies to transfer their recordings on Youtube in return for $100 for each such video post. Notwithstanding, they neglected to turn on a similar arrangement because of the absence of enough dating recordings. The site’s organizers then, at that point, changed their arrangements and started to acknowledge recordings, everything being equal. Anything that might have been the motivation, we are happy to have YouTube today!

After the vital measures and steps were set up, the ‘YouTube’ area name was enacted on fourteenth February 2005. Subsequent to getting the subsidizing of $3.5 million from Sequoia Capital they sent off the Youtube beta site in May 2005.

A progression of improvements followed. The organization ultimately initiated as an investment financed innovation startup. Youtube then, at that point, kept on getting financing from a few different financial backers including Sequoia Capital, which poured in $11.5 million, and Artis Capital Management, which subsidized the stage with another $8 million, the biggest of the financial backers for Youtube then. These fundings hugely assisted YouTube with scaling quick.

At first, the organization was settled in San Mateo, California, right over a pizza shop and a Japanese eatery before it extended its base camp in San Bruno.

Jawed Karim – First Youtube Video Ever

The principal YouTube channel was “Jawed”, which was made by Jawed Karim, and the very first video on YouTube was a video transferred by him, named “Me at the zoo”. This video was recorded by his secondary school companion Yakov Lapitsky. The Youtube proprietor’s video included Karim at the San Diego Zoo. The video has in excess of 218 million perspectives to date.

Jawed Karim – Growth of YouTube

In 2005 itself, YouTube got its initial 1,000,000 perspectives video, a Nike promotion highlighting the amazing Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho. The video showed Ronaldinho accepting his sets of “Brilliant Boots”. Youtube was sent off formally on December 15, 2005, when the site was getting in excess of 8 million perspectives per day. Be that as it may, toward the beginning of the stage, Youtube just acknowledged recordings up to 100 megabytes, which are generally restricted to 30 seconds of video film.

NBC-Universal’s Saturday Night Live communicated a play named “Apathetic Sunday” by The Lonely Island, which was during that very seven day stretch of Youtube’s send off. Along these lines, it was Lazy Sunday, which immediately began to be informally transferred on Youtube. This not just supported the appraisals and contributed its part to the drawn out viewership of Saturday Night Live, and yet, enormously assisted Youtube with acquiring acknowledgment, transforming it into one of the earliest of the viral recordings of Youtube. The informal transfers of the drama on Youtube ascended to 5 million perspectives when kept in February 2006, after which it was ultimately taken out 2 months after the fact following the solicitation from NBCUniversal because of copyright issues. This prepared for the Content Verification Program under YouTube’s arrangement. It permitted copyright holders to effortlessly recognize the encroachments. After a couple of terrible altercations, YouTube made an arrangement with NBC. This arrangement assisted NBC with entering the universe of advanced telecom. Also, this was only the start of YouTube’s few organizations with industry bigshots.

However a large portion of the recordings were brought down, the copy transfers neglected to stop, all things considered, they came pouring in, as they were, apparently to advocate Youtube.

Youtube began to become super quick, and soon it reported in July 2006 that the video-sharing stage was getting over 65K new video transfers day to day. Plus, Youtube additionally affirmed that it was getting 100 million video sees every day.

Jawed Karim – Youtube Google Acquisition

In the wake of sending off YouTube, YouTube author Jawed Karim turned into a casual counselor rather than a worker to the organization as he needed to finish his examinations, thusly joining Stanford University. Similarly, he took a lower share in the organization than other prime supporters, Steve Chan and Chad Hurley.

A large part of the time, he stayed unnoticed by the overall population until Google’s appearance. It was just when Youtube was offered to Google for almost $1.65 billion in the year 2006 that Karim was again back in the news and media.

This little offer actually demonstrated huge enough to allow him to get near 137,443 offers, worth around $64 million, at the end of the renowned Google obtaining of YouTube. Presently, the total assets of Jawed Karim is $300 million.

Jawed Karim conveyed a talk in the year 2006 at the yearly ACM Conference of the University of Illinois on YouTube’s set of experiences, which was named “YouTube From Concept to Hyper development”. Moreover, Karim returned to the University of Illinois in May 2008, where he was again chosen as the speaker, in this manner turning into the 136th and the most youthful Commencement Speaker throughout the entire existence of the school.

Youtube “Broadcast Yourself”

After Youtube was obtained by Google, the Youtube clients and other substance makers searched for another solid choice. Then, at that point, the other video-sharing locales had a go at coming to unmistakable quality and separating themselves from Youtube, yet they at last neglected to do that with the declaration of Youtube’s motto “Broadcast Yourself”. This turned into the beginning of the Broadcast Yourself time of Youtube, which assisted Youtube with seeing one more time of fast development. As per a Daily Telegraph report of 2007, Youtube consumed transmission capacity that approaches the whole transfer speed of the web 2000. The organization before long crossed the achievement of 14 billion video sees by 2010 and bragged holding a piece of the pie of 43%. To additional lift the development of Youtube, the stage worked on its point of interaction around the same time, which was intended to expand the home season of the watchers on Youtube.

Youtube crossed one more achievement in 2011, to be specific of 3 billion recordings being observed every day where 48 hours worth of new recordings were being transferred every moment.

Jawed Karim – Opposing Youtube’s Decisions

In 2013, Google rolled out significant improvements to its strategy. A client required a Google+ to represent posting a remark on any YouTube video. The move confronted kickback and was generally gone against by the YouTube people group. To voice discontent against the new approach, an internet based request was endorsed by various clients.

The request acquired around 240,000 marks. Karim also was not for the arrangement change; to go against the Google+ intercession, he refreshed the video depiction on his first video to “I can’t remark here any longer, as I don’t need a Google+ account”.

After the fights from the YouTube people group, Google apologized for compelling Google+ clients to utilize their genuine names, and along these lines, Google dropped the strategy of combination of Google+ with YouTube. In 2018, Google forever handicapped Google+ administrations after it fizzled in both purchaser and engineer reception.

Karim additionally censured the new move of evacuation of aversion depend on YouTube. He communicated “when each YouTuber concurs that eliminating loathes is an idiotic thought, it most likely is. Attempt once more, Youtube.”

Jawed Karim – Investments and Partnerships

Karim sent off Youniversity Ventures (Y Ventures) in March 2008 in organization with Kevin Hartz and Keith Rabois. In April 2009, he put resources into the underlying Seed round of Airbnb Inc. by means of Y Ventures, which was the last accomplice speculation of Karim. Jawed became one of the underlying financial backers of the organization.

Name of the CompanyInvestment DateFunding RoundTotal Funding
FormatechJanuary 31, 2020Seed Round$7 mn


Jawed Karim’s story is an illustration of it coming down to distinguishing a specialty and afterward chipping away at it and is without a doubt moving for the business people of today. A video-sharing stage might be standard today yet that wasn’t true in the mid 2000s. At the point when Youtube appeared Karim would generally be an unmistakable face of Youtube. In addition, Karim had a significant say in numerous essential YouTube choices, including the one to team up with organizations like Google and NBC, which can without a doubt be set apart as the absolute most huge purposes for the prominence that YouTube appreciates today. Nobody could understand that a little video showing a person presenting an elephant at the zoo would change video sharing and real time for eternity!


Who possesses YouTube?

The parent organization of YouTube is Google. Google bought Youtube in November 2006 for $1.65 billion in stocks and is presently the organization that possesses Youtube.

Who is the organizer of YouTube?

Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen are the organizers of YouTube.

What was the primary Youtube video?

Jawed Karim’s “Me at the zoo” was Youtube’s first video that was transferred on the web-based entertainment stage.

When was Youtube made or when did Youtube begin?

Youtube was sent off on February 14, 2005. The famous virtual entertainment stage was established by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen.

How much was YouTube sold for?

Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion in stocks in November 2006.

Who are Steve Chen and Jawed Karim and what are they known for?

Steve Chen and Jawed Karim are the fellow benefactors of YouTube and are known for establishing the famous video-sharing stage in 2005.

What is the total assets of Jawed Karim?

The total assets of Jawed Karim is around $300 million, starting at 2022.

How old is Jawed Karim?

Jawed Karim was brought into the world in October 1979 and is 42 years of age.

What amount does Youtube worth?

The total assets of Youtube is at present assessed to be something around $170 bn.

Was Youtube started as a dating site?

Youtube purportedly started as a video form of a web based dating administration which was impacted by the James Hong and Jim Young made rating webpage, Hot or Not.

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