Mimecast versus Microsoft 365 Security

Mimecast’s far reaching, cloud-based digital strength arrangement safeguards you in numerous ways Microsoft doesn’t – past your email border, and all through your organization and the entirety of your association’s correspondences.

Incorporating Mimecast with Microsoft 365 wipes out the dangers of a security monoculture, layers on the most incredibly complete and progressed assurance accessible, and works on the presentation of your whole security biological system.

Why Mimecast, not simply Microsoft?

Your organization’s email and cooperation devices merit more

94% of assaults enter by means of email, Microsoft 365’s tremendous client base is a compelling objective, and such a large number of unsafe messages sidestep Microsoft ATP and Defender. Mimecast’s email security innovation deflects danger entertainers in manners Microsoft’s can’t, with cutting edge elements to break assault chains, everything being equal. It keeps email streaming assuming that Outlook goes down, further develops consistence, and plagues rich danger insight across your security biological system – which helps you recognize and stop assaults quicker, shortening stay time.

Go past Microsoft to break key assault chains…

End SUPPLY CHAIN ATTACKS with cutting edge web pantomime and comparability recognition, edge security and hostile to certification gathering highlights.
Stop ADVANCED BUSINESS EMAIL COMPROMISE ATTACKS with AI-based social investigation and inconsistency discovery to survey chances and answer progressively, in light of strategies you can alter down to the person.

End PHISHING URLS with diverse profound assessment on each snap, progressed phish unit discovery and inline conduct following and client attention to advance better human choices.

Stop ADVANCED WEB THREATS with program separation for any program or gadget, not simply Edge – no endpoint permit required.

End DETECTION EVADING ATTACHMENTS with constant knowledge, AI static document investigation, full imitating sandboxing, safe record transformation and rich experiences from our worldwide local area.

End LATERAL SPREAD via auto-remediating new hashes, progressed traffic checking and full combination with chronicle, sync and recuperate – no PowerShell prearranging required.

It simply works better

Gartner’s 2020 overview of Microsoft email security clients “recommends disappointment demonstrating that Microsoft needs viability.” Mimecast’s email security innovations offer genuinely more prominent adequacy than Microsoft 365 – reflected across the full range of dangerous messages, from “simple” spam to pantomime assaults, malware and pernicious connections. Our extraordinary presentation is approved by autonomous specialists from SE Labs to ICSA – and, most significant, our clients.

Be that as it may, don’t simply carelessly trust us…

SE Labs’ 2020 Efficacy Test for Email Security Services Protection evaluated Mimecast “AAA” – and reviewed Microsoft “C.”

ICSA’s 2Q20 tests found Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection 100 percent compelling at obstructing vindictive dangers in email.

93% of clients reviewed by TechValidate concurred: “Utilizing Mimecast with Microsoft 365 essentially works on our protections against spam and email-borne dangers as opposed to utilizing Office 365 alone.”

More prominent versatility with 365 Protect Plans

Mimecast’s 365 Protect Plans coordinate with Microsoft 365 to convey assurance Microsoft can’t coordinate – inside, at and past your undertaking edge. Inherent CyberGraph AI dissects every representative’s practices, dangers and messages, assisting each person with conveying all the more securely. SAFE Cloud documenting and extra Resilience Extensions further develop progression, consistence, alleviation and recuperation.

All you really want to solidify Microsoft 365…

BRAND EXPLOIT PROTECT distinguishes web and brand pantomime, banners dangers before they contact you and produces telemetry to further develop security across your association.

SECURE EMAIL GATEWAY conveys unrivaled viability in distinguishing and stopping email assaults, all things considered.

Designated THREAT PROTECTION and BROWSER ISOLATION cooperate to keep clients from permitting noxious entertainers into your current circumstance – regardless of whether you use non-Microsoft programs and gadgets.

Inside EMAIL PROTECT and CYBERGRAPH assist you with keeping breaks from spreading horizontally, abbreviate stay time, speed remediation and cutoff impacts.

In addition Resilience Extensions

Progression and RECOVERY to limit disturbance and keep information secure by coordinating Mailbox Continuity and Sync and Recover abilities into your email administration.

WEB THREATS and SHADOW IT to proactively impede web dangers, safeguard clients any place they go, secure visitor Wi-Fi and authorize satisfactory use approaches.

Protection and ENCRYPTION to forestall information spills at and inside your edge, and give simple to-utilize scrambled Secure Messaging any place it’s required.

Incorporated ongoing knowledge and activity

With Mimecast’s answers, all insight is shared across our stack and with Microsoft and other security apparatuses by means of completely open APIs. Our constant worldwide telemetry can take care of frameworks from endpoints and firewalls to SOAR computerized playbooks. We coordinate with 50+ top sellers, from Microsoft to Crowdstrike, Netskope, Rapid7, Palo Alto Networks and ServiceNow. Need security that use all the most recent danger knowledge to be maximally viable? Need to keep your opportunity to pick top tier arrangements? This is the way you get it done.

Yet, don’t simply carelessly trust us…

Broaden and coordinate with other security controls – from Microsoft and for all intents and purposes generally driving suppliers.

More pre-assembled combinations, simple wizard-driven associations and very much recorded, mature APIs – so you can tackle more issues, all the more inventively.

Share information all the more effectively to reinforce your edge.

Accumulate all the more convenient, noteworthy insight to track down weaknesses and identify assaults.
Mechanize more reactions to further develop proficiency and adequacy.

Relieve and recuperate from occurrences all the more quickly, so they cause less harm.

Many Thousands Trust Mimecast

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