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Professions you can acquire to work remotely (online)

Online Lecturer

If you have enjoyed a scientific degree or are trained as a lecturer, maybe the profession of lecturer is an option for you? As an editor, you take care of the correction of texts. These are not always manuscripts from publishers, but can also be found online. This can be websites, flyers, brochures, blog articles or advertisements.

Streamer on Twitch

It’s a big thing right now. Yes, getting a degree to become a teacher could be more promising but believe us, Twitch is the future. Streaming industry has dominated the world since the pandemic started. People at home crave to stay in touch with others and see authentic (real) lives of different people. That’s why streaming on Twitch is a real profession of the future. You can start doing business deals with the brands as soon as you get a trusting community. You can buy Twitch viewers and test waters. Try to test whether a particular niche (where to start streaming) is worth giving your 24 hours. Big streamers on the platform earn millions of dollars every year from brand deals. The same could be done with a simple thing – desire to learn and adapt to new reality, streaming reality.

Language teacher

Do you call foreign languages ​​your home and do you deal with languages ​​and foreign languages ​​in your free time? You can make it easier for other people to access various foreign languages ​​and support them in learning the language. It is important that you yourself have in-depth knowledge in the field and that you can pass this knowledge on in an appealing way. 

Logo Designer

Companies that are new to the business need logos. Logos, increase the recognition value and create trust and reputation. Although there are numerous tools on the Internet that make it easier to create a logo, today’s customers are looking for an individual logo that is tailored to the company’s values ​​and philosophy. If you are creative, empathetic and recognize the needs of customers, you can use it to generate your income.

Online Research

Huge amounts of research are required every day in a wide variety of areas. This research takes a lot of time and can hardly be managed by the individual companies alone. These activities are often outsourced to freelancers who are familiar with the research. The freelancers are often specialized in a certain topic. Platforms like Fiverr give you the opportunity to find clients who are looking for freelancers who can do online research.

Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant, you take care of numerous companies in dealing with paperwork. You offer valuable administrative support. You answer emails, organize meetings or other administrative tasks. You can offer your work on platforms such as Upwork

Online Customer Support

Companies have to invest a lot of time in customer support, which is often not available. With the increasing success of an online business, customer inquiries increase. For this reason, this activity is often outsourced to people who take care of all the customer’s needs. These customer inquiries are handled by customer support staff. However, these are often not permanent employees, but freelancers. If you can deal well with people, have a lot of understanding and a high level of empathy, this job is for you. You should also have basic knowledge of the industry and be able to use a live chat tool. Many companies in the online space no longer send emails but offer live customer support.


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