In November, Qatar entered the 0.33 and closing year of its technical cooperation program with the International Labour Organization (ILO) aimed toward substantially reforming migrant employees’ situations which includes with the aid of changing the kafala (sponsorship) machine, which gives employers substantial powers over migrant people, with a brand new contractual device.

However, the kafala gadget stays in region and continues to facilitate the abuse and exploitation of the u . S .’s migrant body of workers. Families from the Ghufran extended family stay stateless and deprived of key human rights two decades after the government stripped them in their citizenship.

Qatari legal guidelines retain to discriminate against girls and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Throughout 2019, the diplomatic disaster continued among Qatar on one side and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the other, over Qatar’s alleged assist of terrorism and ties with Iran, impacting the rights of Qataris and other Gulf and Egyptian nationals too.

Migrant Workers

Qatar has a migrant exertions force of over 2 million people, who contain about 95 percent of its overall hard work force. Approximately 1 million employees are employed in production whilst every other 100,000 are home employees. The kafala gadget governing the employment of migrant workers offers employers immoderate manipulate over them, consisting of the power to prevent them from changing jobs, escaping abusive exertions conditions, and, for a few people, leaving the us of a.

In October 2017, the International Trade Union Confederation introduced Qatar’s agreement with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to notably reform the modern-day kafala gadget, institute a nondiscriminatory minimum salary, enhance charge of wages, and cease document confiscation and the need for an go out permit for maximum workers looking to depart the united states. The agreement referred to as for stepped-up efforts to save you forced labor, decorate labor inspections and occupational protection and health protocols—along with by way of growing a warmness mitigation method—and refine the contractual gadget to improve exertions recruitment approaches.

Since then, the government has delivered numerous reforms. They encompass in 2017 setting a transient minimal wage, introducing a regulation for domestic people, and setting up new dispute decision committees; in 2018 setting up a people’ assist and insurance fund, and ending the requirement for most employees to get their organization’s permission to leave the u . S .; and in 2019 mandating the establishment of becoming a member of exertions committees at corporations employing greater than 30 employees for collective bargaining, and disseminating enhanced pointers on warmness strain geared toward employers and employees.

While high quality, these reforms have not long gone a ways sufficient, and implementation has been uneven. The 2017 home people law is poorly enforced and does not meet worldwide requirements. The employees’ assist and insurance fund, added in October 2018 to make sure workers acquire wages whilst corporations fail to pay, isn’t always yet working. Authorities are failing to enforce bans on passport confiscations and people’ paying recruitment costs. Most importantly, the kafala system by way of and massive remains in vicinity. The partial reform of the go out allow device does not practice to domestic employees, authorities personnel, and up to five percent of any employer’s group of workers who nonetheless want their company’s permission to leave the united states of america. While others now not need an go out allow, they may no longer be capable of go away if their passports are confiscated.

The heat stress tips are also no longer complete or obligatory for employers and do no longer include any enforcement mechanisms. In 2019, Qatar persisted to implement a demonstrably rudimentary midday summer season working hours ban. Moreover, for six years, Qatar has now not made public meaningful information on migrant employee deaths that could permit an assessment of the quantity to which warmness stress is a component. However, new scientific research published in July 2019 concluded that heatstroke is a likely reason of cardiovascular fatalities among migrant workers in Qatar.

Qatar’s hard work law does no longer guarantee migrant people the right to strike and to unfastened association. In August 2019, despite a ban on migrant employees placing, heaps of workers hired through as a minimum 3 extraordinary companies went on strike to protest poor running situations, unpaid and not on time wages, and threats of reduced wages.

On October 16, 2019, the ILO introduced that Qatar’s Council of Ministers advocated new law that might permit people to exchange employers with out employer consent, and a new regulation to set up a non-discriminatory minimum wage. The rules, which nonetheless requires approval by way of Qatar’s Shura (Advisory) Council and signal-off by using the Emir, is anticipated to come into force through January 2020. According to the declaration, a ministerial decree by using the minister of indoors became also signed, casting off go out permit necessities for all people, except army employees.

Women’s Rights

Qatar permits men to skip citizenship to their spouses and youngsters, while children of Qatari women and non-citizen guys can best observe for citizenship under slim situations, which discriminates against Qatari ladies married to foreigners, and their children and spouses.

In September 2018, Qatar surpassed a everlasting residency regulation that for the first time gives that youngsters of Qatari ladies married to non-Qatari guys, amongst others, can observe for permanent residency permitting them to acquire government health and educational services, to make investments in the economy, and own real estate. However, the regulation falls quick of granting ladies equal rights to men in conferring nationality to their youngsters and spouses.

The concept of male guardianship is included into Qatari regulation and guidelines and undermines girls’s right to make self reliant selections about marriage and journey. Qatar’s non-public repute regulation also discriminates towards women in marriage, divorce, baby custody, and inheritance. The regulation gives that ladies can most effective marry if a male dad or mum approves; guys have a unilateral right to divorce at the same time as women have to practice to the courts for divorce on limited grounds; and a spouse is chargeable for looking after the household and obeying her husband. Under inheritance provisions, lady siblings receive half the quantity their brothers get. Single ladies below 25 years of age must gain their guardian’s permission to travel outside Qatar. While married women at any age can tour abroad with out permission, guys can petition a court to restrict their better halves’ journey. A spouse may be deemed disobedient, and consequently lose her husband’s monetary support, if she travels in spite of his objection.

Qatar has no regulation on domestic violence and only has an article in the family law forbidding husbands from hurting their wives bodily or morally, and standard provisions on assault.

Refugee Rights

In September 2018, Qatar’s emir signed into law the Gulf area’s first asylum regulation. The law demonstrates Qatar’s goal to refugee rights however falls brief of its international duties, mainly with reference to its regulations on freedom of movement and expression. Qatar isn’t always a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol.

In April 2019, Qatar added two ministerial decrees figuring out the categories of people who’ve the right to attain asylum and laying out the blessings and rights afforded to asylees. According to the National Human Rights Commission, the committee essential to determine asylum claims become established in May and commenced to obtain cases in August. However, a few individuals who attempted to use for asylum stated Ministry of Interior officials became them away, telling them on a couple of occasions that the regulation had not but been put into exercise. Throughout 2019, the Interior Ministry’s search and observe up branch repeatedly threatened individuals with deportation without cause and regardless of both individuals’ stated preference to are searching for asylum beneath the new regulation.


Qatar’s selection to arbitrarily strip households from the Ghufran extended family in their citizenship starting in 1996 has left a few individuals still stateless twenty years later and deprived them of key human rights. In 2019, Qatar made no commitments to rectify their popularity.

Stateless individuals of the Ghufran extended family are disadvantaged in their rights to paintings, access to health care, training, marriage and starting a own family, owning assets, and freedom of movement. Without valid identity documents, they face restrictions gaining access to fundamental offerings, together with beginning financial institution accounts and acquiring drivers’ licenses, and are prone to arbitrary detention. Those residing in Qatar are also denied various government blessings afforded to Qatari citizens, including state jobs, food and electricity subsidies, and unfastened health care.

Qatar isn’t birthday party to the 1954 or the 1961 UN Statelessness Conventions. Its legal guidelines on nationality say nothing approximately revoking citizenship whilst that might depart the individual stateless.

Sexual Orientation and Morality Laws

Qatar’s penal code criminalizes sodomy, punishing same-intercourse members of the family with imprisonment for one to three years. Individuals convicted of zina (sex outside of marriage) can be sentenced to prison. In addition to imprisonment, Muslims may be sentenced to flogging (if single) or the death penalty (if married). Women are disproportionately impacted as being pregnant serves as evidence of extramarital sex and women who file rape can discover themselves prosecuted for consensual intercourse as an alternative.

Under Article 296 of the penal code, “[l]eading, instigating or seducing a male in any case for sodomy or dissipation” and “[i]nducing or seducing a male or a lady anyhow to commit illegal or immoral moves” is punishable by using up to 3 years. The regulation does now not penalize the person that is “instigated” or “enticed.” It is uncertain whether this regulation is supposed to limit all equal-sex acts between men, and whether simplest one accomplice is considered legally in charge.

Section 47 of the 1979 Press and Publications Law bans e-book of “any revealed depend this is deemed opposite to the ethics, violates the morals or harms the consideration of the humans or their private freedoms.” Throughout 2018, personal publishing companions in Qatar, inclusive of the accomplice of the New York Times, censored numerous articles that touched on LGBT topics, in keeping with the united states’s anti-LGBT laws.

Key International Actors

In June 2019, the disaster pitting Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt towards Qatar entered its third 12 months. Travel among those countries and Qatar remains limited, and the land border with Saudi Arabia remains closed. Qataris can only go to relatives in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE in the event that they reap the ones governments’ permission explaining the “humanitarian” purpose for his or her trip. In UAE and Bahrain, speech important in their governments’ isolation of Qatar or expressing sympathy for Qatar is prosecuted as a criminal offense.

Qatar and america signed some of bilateral agreements, which includes on civil aviation, counterterrorism, and cybersecurity. In January 2019, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed a memorandum of information with Qatar concerning the enlargement and upkeep of al-Udeid Air Base, the biggest US military base in the location.

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