Secure Email Gateway: Level 1 Warrior Test Prep Guide

Regarding the Technical Certification Program

The Mimecast Technical Certification program is an industry standard in greatness that will help approve
your degree of ability and information on explicit Mimecast items and administrations. All confirmations will affirm you
to be a Mimecast Certified Product Professional in a particular item region. The program is intended to
upgrade your expert validity by giving quantifiable evidence of abilities and information. The tests
zero in on the pragmatic utilization of information on Mimecast arrangements expected by explicit jobs.

Secure Email Gateway: Level 1 Warrior

The reason for this accreditation is to guarantee those finishing it:
• Know the essentials of exploring and designing the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway
• Comprehend what arrangements are accessible to you naturally, what they are utilized for and how they are
• See how to use the Mimecast stage to keep email streaming in any event, while essential informing
frameworks are inaccessible utilizing our Continuity administrations.
• See how to get to account investigation, announcing, and how to design administration cautions and
• Can investigate email conveyance utilizing the Message Center.

Accreditation Requirements

There are 60 inquiries, and you have an hour to finish every one of the inquiries.
• You will have 2 endeavors at this test.
• You will be compelled to address each inquiry.
• You can not present the test until all questions have been responded to.
• You can’t save the test and resume it in another meeting.
You should accomplish at least 73% to effectively finish this test. On the off chance that you bomb the test the initial time, you
will just have another endeavor prior to having a constrained holding up time of 24 hours, when you can

Test Details

Number of Questions 60 questions
Time Limit 60 minutes
Pass Rate 73%
Format Multiple Choice | True False | Multi-Select
Exam Access Exam: Secure Email Gateway – Level 1 Warrior
Free Training|Subscriber | Partner | Employee
Free Exam Access for Customers To access the Warrior Exam as a Freemium customer, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Once logged into Mimecaster Central, click this link to register.
  2. Click “No Account? Create One!”
  3. Enter all required information click Next and then enter (your company name,
    company domain, country, and click Yes under Free Training Access) and click
  4. Click the link in email sent to you after registration to confirm.
  5. Log in with your username (email address) and password.

Related Training and Documentation

To be effective in finishing the test we suggest taking the preparation beneath. The test goals come
from the accompanying teacher drove courses that are additionally accessible through live recording in Mimecast University:

  1. Arrangement and Administration – Level 1
  2. Email Continuity – Level 1
  3. Security Policies – Level 1
  4. Designated Threat Protection – Level 1
    Assuming you need the pre-requirements and learning targets for these courses, click here for a full course posting.
    *If it’s not too much trouble, note the substance guides for all courses are accessible by means of the course when you register for the teacher drove or enlist for a recording.

Important Knowledgebase joins

To be effective in breezing through the test we suggest assessing the accompanying knowledgebase articles along
with the preparation above.

Helpful Relevant Knowledgebase Articles KB Link

  1. Setup and Administration – Level 1 KB
  2. Security Policy – Level 1 KB
  3. Email Continuity – Level 1 KB
  4. Targeted Threat Protection – Level 1 KB

Fighter Exam Objectives

The test questions are assembled and isolated by undeniable level goals, each centered around an alternate region of the Mimecast Administration Console. In the event that you wish to see the pre-necessities and learning targets for these courses, click here for additional detail

Exam Objective Topic Percentage of Exam
SEG: Setup and Administration – Level 1
• Basic Navigation
• Account Settings
• Connectivity
• Audit Logs
• Roles
• User and Group Management 50%
• Attributes
• Application Settings
• Mimecast Reports
• Service Monitor
• Message Center
SEG: Security Policies – Level 1
• Anti-Spoofing
• Attachment Management
• Auto Allow and Auto Allow Creation
• Blocked and Permitted Senders
• Content Examination
• DNS Authentication
• Digest Sets
• Greylisting 30%

• Managed Senders
• Notification Sets
• Reputation Checks
• Spam Scanning
• Secure Delivery and Secure Receipt
• Secure Messaging
• Suspected Malware
SEG: Email Continuity – Level 1
• Continuity Events
• Continuity Monitor 10%

• Creating a server connection
• SMS Continuity Services
SEG: Targeted Threat Protection – Level 1
• Attachment Protect 10%
• URL Protect
• Impersonation Protect
Total: 100%

Accreditation FAQs

  1. Do I approach affirmations?

Indeed, all clients approach affirmations either through our free happy access or supporter access. You
can survey the program guide here.

  1. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to become confirmed?

Test takers benefit from finishing the certificate by being perceived as a Mimecast Certified Product
Proficient. With every test taken and passed, an authentication of skill will be given and they will join an
first class gathering of specialists.

  1. Is there a request in which to take the courses for the certificate?

Indeed. From the landing page, explore to Explore Certifications Paths > Choose your accreditation way button to
see the accessible learning plans for affirmations, you will see the courses showed in the ideal request.

  1. What happens when new guidelines are distributed? Do I need to be recertified?

Accreditation is great for quite some time. Toward the finish of the two years, you should recertify.

  1. Is there a charge to take a Certification Exam?

No, with a Mimecast University account, you approach an overflow of preparing data,
evaluations, and affirmations.

  1. How would I get my authentication of culmination whenever I have finished the test?

You can tap on My Certifications and Retraining from the landing page to see the courses you have finished.
To download your confirmation, explore to My Activities | Courses in the menu and track down the test, click on the
identification symbol and you will be incited to save as a PDF. To share to LinkedIn, see the How To: Share my certificate to LinkedIn

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